Figma模板下载 Aizan – Artificial Neural Network AI Figma Template

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Figma模板下载 Aizan - Artificial Neural Network AI Figma Template

Figma模板下载 Aizan - Artificial Neural Network AI Figma Template

1. Introduction
AIZAN is our new Artificial Neural Intelligence & Network Figma Template created to fit the new reality. The Template best suits the websites and startups related to Artificial Neural Networks: Gaming, AI art generators, machine learning, ChatGPT, OpenAI, AI Engine, DALL·E, etc.

Whether you’re a business owner, a creative professional, or a web developer, the AIZAN UI Template simplifies the process of creating a captivating online platform. Elevate your digital presence and captivate your audience with the AIZAN UI Template today. If you like my samples, please rate them 5 stars. It is very useful for me.

2. Figma Browser Requirements
These layered Figma files are compatible with Figma Desktop App version 93.4 and later.

3. Features
• 2 pages in the Figma file.
• 17+ screens.
• Easy to edit and customize.
• Super Clear and Clean Layout.
• Professional and Creative Design.
• Every page is fully layered and organized with proper names.
• Strange interface streamlined and impressive.
• Pixel Perfect.
• Fully Customizable.
• Free Google Fonts.
• Retina Ready.
• Free Font Based Icons.
• And many more…

4. Ui Design

    01_UI (17 Screens)

  • 01_Landing_AI_Chat_Bot
  • 02_Landing_AI_Image_Generator
  • 03_Landing_AI_Digital_Agency
  • 04_Landing_AI_Business_Agency
  • 05_About Us
  • 06_Services
  • 07_Services_Detail
  • 08_FAQs
  • 09_Pricing
  • 10_Contact_Us
  • 11_Blogs
  • 12_Blog_Detail
  • 13_404
  • 14_Popup_Newletter
  • 15_Hover_Page
  • 16_Popup_Services
  • 17_Hover_Home

  • Color schemes
  • Button
  • Typo
  • Component
  • Grid

5. Fonts used

6. Credits & Resource

All these images will NOT be included in the purchased package, just for demo purposes

If you have any questions or need customization, please contact me via e-mail or through my profile page. I’m here to help!

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在线预览此Figma模板优惠价 $19

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