JavaScript程序源代码下载 Staking Nova Web3 – React & Solidity

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JavaScript程序源代码下载 Staking Nova Web3 - React & Solidity

Web3Market Staking Nova

Web3 Staking offers rewards for retaining specific cryptocurrencies. You have the flexibility to utilize your personal ERC20 or BEP20 tokens.

Features of Staking DApp

  • Supports BSC, BEP20, and EVM Blockchains.
  • Varied Locking Durations
  • Adjustable APY for Each Duration
  • Universally Responsive, Adapts to Every Screen Dimension
  • Optimized for All Major Browsers
  • Pristine, Organized, and Thoroughly Documented Code
  • Modular Code Elements
  • Straightforward Customization
  • Hassle-free Setup
  • Smart Contract Crafted in Solidity
  • Engineered using Solidity, EthersJS, and ReactJS
  • Integration with Metamask, Coinbase, Binance Wallets, and Wallet Connect
  • And So Much More…

Made With:

  • React
  • TailwindCSS
  • Solidity
  • EtherJS



Requirements (minimum):

  • NodeJS
  • GitHub Account
  • Metamask or any other wallet compatible with Wallet Connect
  • Infura Account
  • Moralis Account
  • Vercel Account
  • Compliant Browser
  • FREE or Premium (recommended) Hosting with cPanel Support or Vercel account (the best) for deployments

在线预览限时优惠 $299

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