JavaScript程序源代码下载 Teor – React Nextjs Classified Ads & Directory Listing Script

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JavaScript程序源代码下载 Teor - React Nextjs Classified Ads & Directory Listing Script

Teor is a new modern React Next.js-based web application script for Classified Ads & Directory Listing. It is purposely designed and built for Local Businesses Listing and City Guide web platform!

Teor React NextJS script comes with a complete operational admin dashboard. It is created with ReactJS, NextJS, MySQL, Bootstrap, and Sass. Also, it contains well-commented and easily customizable source code with detailed documentation. These features will help make it useful and customized based on the ultimate needs.

Exciting Features:

App Routing:

Next.js uses a file-system-based router where folders are used to define routes.

API Routing:

API Route Handlers allow you to create custom request handlers for a given route using the Web Request.

Server-side Rendering (SSR):

Next.js allows you to render React components on the server side, delivering faster initial page loads and improved SEO by providing fully-rendered HTML content to search engines.

Hot Module Replacement (HMR):

During development, Next.js provides HMR, which allows you to see changes in your code without a full page reload, speeding up the development cycle.


Prisma simplifies database access and management for developers. It provides a set of tools and libraries that help you work with databases more efficiently and productively.

More Features:

  • React (v18.2), Next.js (v13.4), MySQL Database, NextAuth (v4.x), and Prisma (v5.x)
  • Github & Google Signin/Signup
  • MySQL Database
  • Listing End User Review System
  • Dynamic Blog
  • Default SEO Customized
  • Admin Panel
  • Autocomplete Search Suggestions
  • Image upload with Cloudinary and can upload images from direct local devices, URL, Google Drive, Unsplash, Dropbox, and more.
  • Including Demo Data
  • Ready To Production Deployment
  • Clean And Professional Coding
  • Environment Variables
  • Images can be uploaded from various sources, including local devices, Google Drive, Dropbox, Unsplash, and more.
  • Incorporated a review system featuring a range of star ratings, including five stars, four stars, three stars, and beyond.
  • Organize search by categories
  • Reusable components
  • Exceptionally swift database querying.
  • Dedicated admin panel.
  • Specialized functions for querying from any location
  • Responsive in Any Device
  • Retina Ready
  • Creative and Beautiful Layout
  • Fast, Lightweight & Powerful
  • ES10+
  • Creative and Modern Design
  • Smooth Transition Effects
  • Google font and Icon Used
  • Integrated With Remixicon
  • Awesome Customized Slider
  • Easily Customizable
  • Detailed Documentation

24-Hour Turnaround Support:

  • Quick, Dedicated & Professional Support
  • We only provide support through our ticketing system. Please submit your ticket by visiting the EnvyTheme Support System.
  • For any pre-purchase query, please use live chat on the item demo site, email, and the item’s comment section on ThemeForest.

What do you get?

  • LMS Source Code
  • Documentation

Important Note:

  • Images and videos are only for demo purposes and are not included in the download bundle.

Sources and Credits:

  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • NextAuth, Prisma
  • Flaticon & Boxicons
  • Google Fonts

在线预览限时优惠 $29

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