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JavaScript程序源代码下载 Smart Forms


Smart Forms is a responsive professional Form Framework with a clean consistent Form UI. The framework includes a variety of form Widgets such as Datepickers, Timepickers, Monthpickers, Colorpickers, Numeric Steppers, UI Sliders, Google maps, toggle switches validation, masking among other features.

All form elements are built prurely with CSS3 + HTML5 (no images) and enhanced with jQuery, features AJAX processing, built on a fluid 12 column grid, working AJAX PHP forms with CAPTCHA included, and can be used to build any kind of Web Forms quickly whether simple or complex, without special CSS and HTML, jQuery and PHP coding knowledge.

Smart Forms is regulary updated to include powerful and most sought after features that matter most for modern web form development without lots of sweat – Create multi-steps and modal popup forms, dynamically clone forms and form elements, create chained select elements, use form conditional logic and branching, create autocomplete, combo widgets, format numbers and currencies, export data in PDF, XLS, CSV formats, use both SMTP and SENDMAIL formats to send form data and much more.

The forms work well across a wide rage of desktop and mobile browsers and have been tested on IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox plus Android and IOS.



Version 4.0 Great New Features

  • Added drag and drop file uploads (Dropzone.js) DEMO
  • Added Google reCAPTCHA support DEMO
  • Added geocomplete location query plugin DEMO
  • Added international telephone input validation DEMO
  • Added jQuery select 2 plugin support DEMO
  • Added jQuery knob plugin DEMO
  • Added jQuery autotab feature DEMO
  • Added show hide password plugin DEMO
  • Added 4 AJAX PHP forms

Version 3.1.0 Great New Features

  • Dynamically cloned elements – add and remove elements DEMO
  • Added chained selects with normal and AJAX support DEMO
  • Added numbers and currency formating DEMO
  • Added multiple modal forms on single page DEMO
  • Added themes for multi-steps wizards DEMO
  • Added CSV form data view password protection DEMO
  • Mobile srolling for UI Autocomplete widget DEMO
  • More settings for branching DEMO
  • Customized UI combo widget DEMO

Version 3.0 Great New Features

  • Added tooltips to rating widgets, selects, radios and checkboxes DEMO
  • Added PHP new realtime AJAX CAPTCHA system DEMO
  • Added PHP export CSV, XLS, PDF and PRINT functions for the form data DEMO
  • Added UI auto complete widget DEMO
  • Added new multi steps horizontal DEMO
  • Added new multi steps smart steps DEMO
  • Added new multi steps vertical DEMO
  • Added new multi steps steps progress DEMO
  • New modal popup form widget DEMO
  • New modal popup form widget auto feature DEMO
  • Added new simple form conditional logic and branching DEMO
  • Added Single container error placement (show all form errors in one div) DEMO

HTML5 CSS3 Elements

  • Multiple form inputs
  • File inputs / uploaders
  • CSS3 checkboxes + Radios
  • CSS3 toggle switches
  • CSS3 review & rating
  • 400+ Fontawesome vector icons
  • Animated information tooltips form elements
  • Notification alerts
  • CSS3 multi shape buttons
  • Animated progress bars
  • Simple pricing tables
  • 12 column grid

jQuery Enhancements

  • UI date picker widgets
  • UI slider widgets
  • UI slider with labels and tooltips
  • UI Autocomplete widgets with multiple tag select
  • Multi steps forms with both vertical and horizontal steps
  • Modal Popup Forms with timed auto show
  • Month picker widgets
  • Time picker widgets
  • Date & time picker widgets
  • Color picker widgets
  • Numeric stepper widgets
  • Responsive google maps
  • Ajax form processing
  • Form validation (now supports showing all errors in a single DIV)
  • Form conditional logic and braching (show or hide form elements and sections with checkboxes, radios and selects)
  • Input masking
  • UI Combobox
  • Dynamically cloned elements
  • Numbers and currency formating
  • Chained form select elements

Form Extras

  • 3 styles (Elegant, Flat, Dark)
  • 7 theme colors per style
  • 5 working Ajax PHP forms included
  • AJAX PHP CAPTCHA with realtime validation
  • 40+ starter templates included
  • Clientside & serverside validation
  • Visual file percentage upload progress
  • Responsive clean HTML email template
  • Store all form data in .CSV file formats
  • Show, sort and arrange form data using data tables
  • Print form data using browser print function
  • Export in PDF, XLS, CSV file formats
  • Crossbrowser with degradation
  • Well coded and documented
  • Free support and updates

Working AJAX PHP Forms with Captcha and validation

  • Working AJAX PHP Contact Form
  • Working AJAX PHP Modal Popup Contact Form
  • Working AJAX PHP Booking Form width UI date picker widgets
  • Working AJAX PHP Quotation Form with UI slider widget
  • Working AJAX PHP Order Form with file uploads
  • Working AJAX PHP Multi-Step Project Quote Form
  • Working AJAX PHP Review Form


This script is well worth the cost. Not only does it come with tons of examples to fit nearly any scenario, it is completely mobile-friendly (responsive) and the design is easy on the eyes.

No matter how good the script, however, the key to a great product is great support. The author is responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. He carefully seeks to understand your needs and makes suggestions and adjustments for you accordingly.

This is definitely worth 5 stars!


Wow greatest form collection ever seen


This is a dynamite set and super simple to implement!


The work is impressive, the implementation is very fast and the support is excellent. Thank you!


Great app. After purchasing a lot of garbage on Code Canyon, this app is well worth the money. Good coding, good documentation and, best of all, organized very well. This is one author that will be in my ‘GoTo’ list in the future.


If you have not purchased this yet and you are trying to decide which form code to buy, drop everything you are doing right now and buy THIS ONE!
Seriously, the help docs were very detailed and easy to understand. There are templates for almost anything you can imagine.

When you start copying and pasting code from one template to another, IT JUST WORKS!!! It is coded so well that it is hard to break it.

I had a few issues with things i was trying to do and the author answered me back very promptly with very detailed instructions on how to accomplish it.
I am SOOO happy i found Smart forms. The style is unprecedented too. The columns option is fantastic.

I am a very happy customer.


I found it easy to work with. The examples were a great help in getting the form up and running.


Looks absolutely stunning! Finally a form that includes everything I could wish for. May buy later if I find some time to implement.


Hello, I want to let you know that you did a great job. Soon or later, I will buy some of your products.
Please continue like that. Success.


jQuery version notice

The form plugins have been tested to work with jQuery 1.7+, in case of a conflict with your existing jQuery code, do send me an email via my support page.


19.01.19 – Version 4.2

  • Fixed typo errors in main css file
  • Fixed CSS issues with checkboxes and radios
  • Updated deprecated PHP in admin login page
  • Updated Google Maps API key in the demos
  • Minor CSS updates on the jQuery UI slider widget slide handles
  • Minor CSS updates on the jQuery UI time picker widget slide handles

15.06.15 – Version 3.1.0

  • Minor CSS tweaks and optimizations
  • Minor changes to the disabled state in dark version
  • Dynamically cloned elements – add and remove elements
  • Added chained selects using both normal and AJAX chaining
  • Added form data view customized backend with touch and swipe
  • More settings for conditional logic and braching with auto reset
  • Added datepicker options page for common available options
  • Mobile responsive support to data tables view
  • Added numbers and currency formating
  • Added modal popup form settings via data attribute
  • Added modal form auto reveal and auto hide
  • Added multiple modal forms on single page
  • Added themes for multi-steps wizards
  • Added CSV data view simple password protection
  • Updated jQuery UI for combo widget support
  • Added over 30+ new widget examples
  • Changed the CSV folder to ADMIN
  • Updated the documentation
  • Added UI combo widget

28.05.15 – Version 3.0

  • Changes to toggle switch markup
  • Changes to rating widget switch markup
  • Label changes to a span tag on the field icon
  • Changed all labels inside labels to span tags for more valid markup
  • Fixed Checkboxes and radios compatibility with bootstrap version 3+
  • Fixed jumping bug on all form select elements
  • New anmated tooltips for the rating widgets
  • New anmated tooltips for the checkboxes and radio elements
  • New anmated tooltips and icons for the the select element
  • New realtime Ajax CAPCHA system
  • New UI slider labels and tooltips
  • New Modal form with timed auto show feature
  • New UI Autocomplete widgets with multi tag select
  • New multi steps forms with both vertical and horizontal steps
  • New show all form client side validation errors in a single div
  • New create simple form conditional logic and braching (show or hide form elements or sections with checkboxes, radios and selects)
  • New print form data, export in PDF, XLS, CSV file formats
  • Organized all PHP files inside folders for ease of use
  • Added a simple settings.php file for all PHP settings
  • Updated jQuery UI plugin to the latest version
  • Updated jQuery UI time picker plugin to the latest version
  • Updated jQuery color picker widget to the latest version
  • Updated jQuery validation scripts to the latest version
  • Updated PHPMailer scripts to the latest version

21.07.14 – Version 2.0

  • CSS tweaks to the search element on flat versions
  • CSS tweaks to the buttons
  • CSS tweaks to the toggle switches
  • CSS fixes for Firefox 30+ form select
  • CSS fixes for Internet Explorer 10+ Form select
  • Updated jQuery validation scripts to the latest version
  • Updated Ajax jQuery form script to the latest version
  • Updated Font-Awesome icons to the latest version
  • Updated PHP Processing scripts to the latest version
  • Added PHP changes and clean-ups to all processing scripts
  • Added PHP script for handling rating widgets
  • Added PHP script for handling grouped checkbox arrays
  • Added PHP multi-line paragraph feature for textarea content
  • Added PHP CSV form data storage and export
  • Added PHP CSV to data-tables view with search and pagination features
  • Added SMTP support to the forms as an alternative to the normal sendmail
  • Added auto-responder feature with optional checkbox support
  • Added a new review Ajax PHP form with multiple elements handling

26.03.14 – Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

Keep in Touch! Don’t Miss an Update!

JavaScript程序源代码下载 Smart Forms
JavaScript程序源代码下载 Smart Forms

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