Professional English SEO copywriting services to help foreign trade websites gain customers

Youpaihai provides professional English SEO copywriting services, helping your foreign trade website to increase online exposure and customer acquisition through accurate keywords and high-quality content.

Service Features

Professional English writing team

We have a team of professional writers who are native English speakers to ensure that the copywriting is authentic, fluent and in line with English language habits.

In-depth understanding of the industry

Our team of writers have in-depth understanding and research of various industries, and can accurately grasp industry characteristics and user needs, and write copy that is in line with industry characteristics and attracts target customers.

Content creativity

We pay attention to the creativity of copywriting and strive to have new ideas in every article to attract readers' attention and enhance user experience.

Customized services

We provide customized copywriting services, tailor-made copywriting that meets customer needs based on their specific needs and website positioning.

common problem

Do you offer industry-specific copywriting services?

Yes, we provide customized copywriting services for different industries.Whether you are engaged in technology, finance, medical or education industries, we can provide you with professional and accurate copywriting.

How do you ensure copywriting meets SEO standards?

Our writers are familiar with the latest SEO standards and algorithm updates. During the writing process, they will reasonably lay out keywords, optimize titles and meta tags, and use appropriate internal and external links to ensure that the copywriting not only meets the requirements of search engines, but also can attract readers.

Do you offer keyword research services?

Yes, we offer keyword research services.We will use professional tools to conduct in-depth keyword analysis based on your business field and target market to select the most valuable and suitable keywords for you.

Do you provide multilingual SEO copywriting services?

Currently we mainly focus on English SEO copywriting, but we can also provide copywriting services in other languages ​​according to customer needs, please contact us for more information.

Can you provide samples or cases for reference?

Of course, we can provide previously written copywriting samples or success stories to help you understand our writing style and quality.

How to ensure the originality and uniqueness of copywriting?

We strictly adhere to the originality guidelines, and all copywriting will be checked by professional plagiarism detection software before delivery to ensure the originality and uniqueness of the copywriting.We promise not to provide any plagiarized or duplicate content.

After the copy is completed, is it supported for modification?

Of course, we will make the necessary changes based on your feedback until you are completely satisfied with the copy.Our goal is to provide high quality service and ensure your satisfaction.

How do I ensure copywriting is consistent with my brand voice?

Before we start writing, we will communicate with you to understand your brand characteristics, target audience and industry background to ensure that the written copy not only meets SEO requirements, but also accurately conveys your brand information.

What are the prices for copywriting services?

Our prices vary depending on the length, complexity and special requirements of the copy.We are committed to providing a cost-effective service, please contact us for a specific quote.

How long is the writing cycle for English SEO copywriting?

The writing cycle usually depends on the length and complexity of the copy.Normally, we will complete a standard-length article (approximately 800-1000 words) within 3-5 working days.If there are special requirements or emergencies, we can also negotiate to speed up the process.

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